Oh love oh life

O love o life and the question of the spirit. And our constant pursuit to seek absolution.

No thinking

i usually write quite a lot, it helps me to process things. But this time is quite different though, much more like I’m taking a hiatus for good. For someone who overthinks every ounce of their life, this feels different, intriguing and rather enticing. Don’t get me wrong and fool it for me using that as an escape from the reality. The war the deaths and the fears lies within. I miss my home, my apartment and my lifestyle too. I miss my tealady. I miss my routine. But at least I’m quite confident my thoughts or lack thereof is not a coping mechanism against the death.

Being the eldest brother

i was talking to online friends recently about what better dictates an older brother. The reponses i was swarmed with was nothing less than helpful and wholesome. Thanks a lot fellas.


This is not me fishing for validation or sympthay. This is just me.

love life

it is so easy to dwell into our most darkest selves while ignroing all of the beauty in our lives.

Let’s go 2023!

It is a new year! I am quite old enough by now to start being conscious about life. A friend of mine asked us two questions and I’m hereby trying to find answers for them:

State of open source in Sudan

I had a delightful conversation with a friend of mine about the state of open source in Sudan, we discussed many topics but the main question was: why open source is not prominent in Sudan?

BOK and trust

Payment in Sudan is rather a very interesting challenge. But, my focus today is on this rather unique characteristic: trust. I will take Bok, the mobile wallet app for bank of khartoum. It is the largest app in Sudan, backed by the biggest bank in Sudan. It has around two million users, and it became synomyoum to payment in general. If it is a payment channel, then in most case it will be BoK.