Money’s paper is a special type of papers that only used by authorized companies. It is typically used in the company’s official documents e.g., contracts.

A friend of mine (a bad one that actually thinks our governors are villain, screw you anti-progression), he was being summoned in response to his recent posts. Anyways, once he got there, he found his own posts were printed on money papers. Those were bloody valuable posts he got.

I didn’t actually ask him about their conversation, though I will fake one for you.

My villain friend: Hi Sir,

Good ol’ guy: Oh dear, please have a seat.

a moment of silence

Good ol’ guy: I can see your confusion. We brought you here for some inquiries regarding your recent posts.

My villain friend: Oh, is that true. On what post/s are you interested?

Good ol’ guy: Ah yes, can you come closer to look at them.

My villain friend was apparently shocked to see his own posts were printed on these sophisticated papers.

My villain friend: Those are not mine.

Good ol’ guy: No, they are. We have printed all of your posts.

My villain friend interrupting, was that necessary. I mean you can just summon me and show them on a screen.

Good ol’ guy: And now you are calling us idiots. Great. This is the kind of behavior we’d like to fix. Anyway, cut the shit.


Also, I have not seen any posts from that villain friend since then. Our leaders are working day by night to our benefit.

In the background, I heard these rhythem “وأين صديقي حسن”