We are very pleased to announce new internships at gndi.

G&I (gndi for short) is a tech company that provides a wide range of geospatial solutions and services for corporates and for individuals as well.

Why is that?

This initiatives came as a response to one my posts. Clearly there is a problem in our system. There is no systematic way of getting a job. Every year, tons of peoples are graduating from colleges. Industry cannot cover this number of graduates.

Internship programs

The internship period is three months. Our interns will work on various projects. Here are just a few examples of some the things we might do (also listed here for others to work on)

  • Building a visualization tool for geodesy. Just to make things simple, we will only focuss on the materials from Ahmed Abdalla’s lecture notes and Rapp’s.
  • GPS on Android. Seems to be easy peasy? Well, let us see.

  • Articles in Geomatics Engineering, tutorials, how-tos, etc.

All of our works will be open source and freely available for anyone to use and contribute. That is not even the best part. We, we those very awesome interns, will work together to give back. We will be giving workshops and tutorials on these technologies for the rest of their friends. We are also creating Geodesy Study group. We have many reasons as to why this study group is important. We need people to understand geodesy and thereafter apply it.

After three months, I will write another post describing our work through this internship. Before wrapping up this post. There is a good reason why I insisted on choosing students from Geomatics department. I graduated from this department and I taught at it too. I have a strong claim to know its problems.

We are not discriminating other disciplines. (Certainly we are not disciplinists.)

I highly encourage other big companies to try this out. I know that industry no long trusts academia (in Sudan). However, even in places where higher education is very robust, students also get to do internships. This is how things work. Unfortunately, educational institutions don’t have any plans on how to resolve this issue. They just throw their grad students away. It is no longer their responsibility. But let us just forget all that. It is as simple as this: industry needs good grad students. In order to have qualified students, they need to put what they were taught in practice. In our case, companies offers training positions instead of internships. The thing is, they are not the same: not in the job responsibilities, not in any aspect. Internships, on the other hand, offers those applicants a true job experience. That happens under a mentor, but still they got do more, and hence learn more.

Another aspect I’d like to mention is about undergrad qualifications. There are many incredibly talented and ambitions students. They are just waiting there for you to make the move. Giving them that chance, not only will help them in their career, it will also help you very much. Trust, they can do all kinda of crazy things. All kinda of crazy things.