There is nothing inherently special about love. But it is still there, it hurts us, it touches us deeper than any feeling there is.

I wish i could explain what love is, i wish i could find that right formula to show y’all that this is love. But i don’t think i have that answer nor that i’m interested to acquire that answer anymore. in life you are always just one step further from meeting their love of life.

Well… that and also one step further from losing their love of life.

the other side of things

let’s not be that negative. love is real, love is cool. but it is painful.

i really miss you. i learned to let go, to move on, to accept that nothing will actually change after we move on. but sometimes it hits you right there whatifs, what if i could just sneak into her profile, what if i could just look at our pictures one last time. what if we were still together. the terrible nights, the happy ones all of these tales they demand to be told.

i love you. but i moved on. when our paths will cross again, i will meet you with the biggest smile there is.