The fact i still have my ex’s gifts is nothing short of a surprise to me. i still have:

  • her mug
  • a lovely backpack
  • an oracle speaker
  • pocket
  • shoes
  • jalabya على الله

Up until a few days ago, i kept a present i was meaning to give it to her (though i didn’t), before i gave to a friend. The truth is, i suck at keeping things around, i mean even if i want to, it is just so difficult for me to keep things. i’m not that type of people, but when it came to her i just couldn’t. And it only gets weirder as i rarely use any of those items:

  • i got my own mug and i really didn’t like her that much even moreso when it aged
  • i didn’t go out that often in the past two years (due to corona and personal reasons) so i kinda didn’t use the backpack that often
  • i never used that pocket at all
  • i used the shoe but it also didn’t age
  • yup, i did use it

But i still don’t know why. Part of me suggests that i actually still didn’t move on from that relatonship. it could be that. But that might not be very important, at the end of the day, i believe part of moving on is taking on all of this legacy, questions, and memories with us.

i loved her so much, i learned a lot from her and for that i will forever be grateful. our paths might never cross again, but i’m grateful for any moment with spent together and the lovely memories we share.