I have a decision making problem. I’m super good at making on-spot hard decisions. But i suck at making casual decisions: i take REALLY long time deciding between two types of water bottles.

A friend of mine resigned from their job and that took me by surprise. Never in my career had i resigned from my job, really.

  • 2017-2018 first professional employment type: i worked as a part-time TA and researcher at UofK, my contract was for year. i didn’t extend it
  • 2018-2019: worked as a software engineer at Ashrafcom. I decided not to renew my contract. I’m still good friend with the company’s directors and chair
  • 2017-?: Established Shargii and founded several businesses within. In 2021, i no longer work as a full-time there, but i still have share there. That could be the closest i get into resigning
  • 2021-present: tuti. i founded tuti and i don’t really plan on resigning from my job.

It could be that i mostly worked on my own startups that made it difficult to resign, but it still feels rather difficult for me to resign from a job.