As a teenager, i grew very conservative. I only had my first girl-friend in first college year. Only to have my first kiss at my first year of having a full-time job, right after graduation. I never really liked parties or going out. A classic introverted person. My 16 personalities test is an INFP so yeah.

growing up

Nothing has changed really. I don’t smoke, i don’t do weed either, nor do i drink. That’s okay generally, there’s really nothing to do more with that regard. Smoking is not my thing really since i have terrible respiratory system. Getting high seems really good, but I am afraid it might turn super addictive, same applies to drinking. I have had terrible times getting up on my feet again and the only coping was to put more effort into my career and coding. Had i had that option of drugs or alchohol, things would have turned very South.

Sex is intimate and unlike any other off-the-shelf sins, it affects someone else’s life not just me. Casual sex is synonmous to prostitution for me, and that’s just unethical on so many levels.