Today is the first day i enjoyed a quiet night in ages. I went back home rather very early at 330 and took a lovely nap too. Chatted with my friends and roomates, and shitposted on facebook. Now, i’m embrassing the nothingness, it is raining and I enjoy the sound of rain in the background, though I also indeed enjoy playing in the rain. I don’t have electricity at the moment, but I don’t feel pissed for that too. The rain in the background as well as a new episode of King of the ring as well. there’s something liberating about not worrying about many things… enjoying the emptyiness. It feels good actually, it feels very fresh. I can also think more openly, and reflect on things. I can also get to work on other things, I have that capacity to think well beyond my $day job and other responsibilities.

I wish i maintain such a state, but one can only hope