Sometimes i legit be wondering about life. What is life? What is the whole point? What is the point of living? This is not a question that i can answer, nor is it a warning sign about my mental situation. I’m good thank you. But, this mundane, routine thing is becoming extremely irritating. An important person to me used to say that they were a virtual person in the process to become an individual. I think it was a quote from a movie that i never get to watch. What does it truly mean to become an individual? Is it worth it either? I’m afraid i’m even wind up losing that virtual person in the process of becoming an individual…

But life is weird, don’t you think so? Why does it become so boring as you age? Why things have to be complicated? Why cannot we have our own narrative and build our own storyline. Why cannot we get what we truly long for. Why is it so difficult to remain true to what we are.

The more we age, the more we learn stuff. But worst of it all, is the more we have experience, the more we met and part away from people we encountered and we shared their beliefs and never to see them again.

i don’t have answers and my thoughts are wildy random.

in the quest of understanding the purpose of life, one should note that