i usually write quite a lot, it helps me to process things. But this time is quite different though, much more like I’m taking a hiatus for good. For someone who overthinks every ounce of their life, this feels different, intriguing and rather enticing. Don’t get me wrong and fool it for me using that as an escape from the reality. The war the deaths and the fears lies within. I miss my home, my apartment and my lifestyle too. I miss my tealady. I miss my routine. But at least I’m quite confident my thoughts or lack thereof is not a coping mechanism against the death.

As a preamble, there’s a war taking over in Sudan, in particular in the capital Khartoum. I live and work there, but I managed to flee Khartoum just before the fights.

I have not listened to any music for two weeks now. Vibes are off entirely. I don’t have a proper interent access either so I’m not quite sure about the recent advancements in AI and whether or ni my job is secure. I just don’t care.

But back to my not thinking dilemma. I’m gutted at the situation we have. The war that is killing everyone, the whole situation we have. But I’m really pleased that my family and friends are safe and that at least at this time I’m not overthinking anything. Nor questioning the decisions that led into me being here during the war.