O love o life and the question of the spirit. And our constant pursuit to seek absolution.

I no of nothing that keeps me pushing through as though love. The only fuel that drives us onward and upward. But you never really feel its aura unless you have it, you don’t necessarily feel how important love can be unless after you are there you are trapped - and only leave a wreck of a sunken ship. So powerful yet so disastorous. And the fate o the fate, fate is so good at ridculing our hopes and promises, and tearing apart our loved ones. I have this thing where i firmly believe if you declare, you are at a higher risk it won’t happen. But I’m stepping up this time. Not though as much to challenge fate, but just to ask for forgiveness that i shall declare my love. I find so much beauty to spread out love than just keeping it a secret between the two lovers. The blockade on love is next to a war against humanity. Then why on earth humanity always have always had weddings, don’t you think? To showoff and celebrate love.

But I always keep reminding myself if it is too obvious, the hindsight is mostly flawed. You have your signficant other too to comply with and you have the societal norms and so many arbitrarily laws just made to organize the process of humain intercourse but what they had eventually contributed to is an indenture to make love legal.

I argue though that love is by design is an outlaw. Love can never be lawful, it shouldn’t either in the hindsight. Love cannot be constrained, cannot have deeds and certificates, cannot be conformed to norms: IT SHOULDN’T. Or else you are at a risk of conforming to a normal distribution and fitting what everyone’s there. By this age, I’m still struggling to understand how love works. In absolute terms, I feel one can love anyone no exceptions. But what I’m leaning to recently is that a good love story is where you love your partner and love yourself, simultaneously.

I would say a good love is the one that takes you through a journey and accelerate your process to better understand yourself, love yourself and be in content with what you have. Ultimately, it helps you to navigate through the challenges that life through at you while still fueling you to push further and to realize your true potential and expand the terrotries of what you have once thought are the only horizons for your passion.

Love comes in unique shapes and flavors and every one of them will expose you to different aspects of yourself: to different doors in your life.