Adulthood, and sins

As a teenager, i grew very conservative. I only had my first girl-friend in first college year. Only to have my first kiss at my first year of having a full-time job, right after graduation. I never really liked parties or going out. A classic introverted person. My 16 personalities test is an INFP so yeah. growing up Nothing has changed really. I don’t smoke, i don’t do weed either, nor do i drink....

July 1, 2022

On reading

If you ever have a secret book, a secret twitter / facebook account or a blog. A secret place you share your VERY own stuff, please by all means I would be the happiest into being one of your readers! I love reading people’s thoughts. This is really the only thing i do so passionately and brings in about huge joy to my life. Books, articles, twitter-shitposting-accounts, whatever that medium that shows that encapsulates the you you!...

July 1, 2022


I have a decision making problem. I’m super good at making on-spot hard decisions. But i suck at making casual decisions: i take REALLY long time deciding between two types of water bottles. A friend of mine resigned from their job and that took me by surprise. Never in my career had i resigned from my job, really. 2017-2018 first professional employment type: i worked as a part-time TA and researcher at UofK, my contract was for year....

June 28, 2022

Same day, no differences?

I have long since I lost the taste of days. Maybe it is just an age thing and Sudan is also too much. I often would find it too hard to recall what a day in a week we are, and in many cases I would find myself wondering it is actually Wednesday. Weekends are my chill although I must say, I still find a reason to not chill. I only learned to say “Enjoy your weekend” quite late in my career in 2019, for me weekends were the bestest times you could achieve more in your tasks....

June 28, 2022

What are we cooking in noebs

noebs is couple of yours old now, actually next October it will complete its 4th year. That’s a lot of years especially in Sudan, software are rather dropped quickly. what is noebs? noebs is an open source payment gateway. Currently it implements all of EBS services, it supports both EBS Merchant Web Services and Consumer Web Services. It also comes with a built-in support for the new Dynamic Fees model. We also support QR services and the new Merchant Web APIs....

May 30, 2022

Technology is scary

Technology scares me, and don’t even get me started on how AI and that crazy shit have serious consequences that we are not adapted, that we have not considered at all. Tech companies emphasized their own revenue over making the humanity better – errr making its users better. And those incentives don’t align with what the actual users want. For example, a keyboard software. Let’s say google’s GBoard. It is fantastic, it is smart enough to predict and corrects their typing mistakes....

May 9, 2022

My birthday

I’m in awe. I’m grateful for all of you guys, I’m grateful to my parents, siblings, close friends and amongst them my online friends. I will write back about my feelings later. But you made a soul happy.

May 8, 2022

Taking breaks

I argue engineers and managers to actively seek to shorten work days and work hours. 9-5 / 5 days is such an arbitrarily concept and it doesn’t translate at all to productivity, in fact counter to that it is the most unproductive thing we might ever have. Apart from the common wisdom to avoid burnouts, breaks are really super important. I argue against us having 5-days work scheme. It is way too much, it is quite useless too, and we lose lots of productvity and peak-performance and creative thinking, just to ensure that employees stay longer in the offices....

March 18, 2022


I argue that people almost turn to the robot mode when they are subject to a very mundane routinic type of daywork. Robot or the executor mode is the safest bet: you don’t get to think a lot, you don’t get to take risks, you just rebeat and always take-on the easy routes. That is fine and can get things done. You don’t necessarily want your Tirhal driver to be creativing about driving…...

March 4, 2022

A mattress

I just noticed the single thing i have been dreaming to have is a matt. That is ridicluos i know, but I digged a little bit deeper to understand why. Settlement. The reason i have been so focusing on the matt is that i truly wanted to settle, to have a home and the feeling that comes with it. But i couldn’t get anyone. Now, i actually have the money to buy a matt, a nice lovely good one....

January 14, 2022