A Date

Moving on the wrong way

A Date

Why dating is becoming more challenging


Hiring is nuts. Let’s fix that.


There is nothing inherently special about love. But it is still there, it hurts us, it touches us deeper than any feeling there is.

Let us change the tone

I worked with some Non Government Organizations (NGOs) for some time, not too much to draw any conclusion, but long enough to get to notice some patterns. They are all seem to be well spoken, smart, and have it figured out. They know what they are doing, and they all have this same accent, for the lack of a better word.

I’m running out of descriptors

Ok, that was really too dumb of me. But let us see how sockets, files, and all that works. AND HOW things go south. I will basically walk you through my thinking process to get into this error.

API design

This post serves as a walkthrough for noebs sdks. Noebs is an open source payment gateway with large support and adoption from many corporations in Sudan. Our goal is to make payments secure and simple, and we want to do that super fast. To this end, we started rolling out our sdks. SDKs are fancy way of saying libraries, a code that others can import to interact with our services. Noebs sdk is derived from our code, and it is being used in prod for a while now. The code for all of these sdks are available here

what is an api

So essentially your mobile is somewhere, with an ip address right? And we are pretty much familiar with ip addresses, domain names and stuff, we type in google.com and we are welcomed with google search, and so on. This process is technically called http request. Http cause is the protocol that was used to make the request happens, protocol is really just a fancy way of saying “hey dude, umm can you tell me how are you going to send me your bytes”–everythying is a byte.