My birthday

I’m 28yo have had two relationships, but this is my first birthday

Taking breaks

I argue engineers and managers to actively seek to shorten work days and work hours. 9-5 / 5 days is such an arbitrarily concept and it doesn’t translate at all to productivity, in fact counter to that it is the most unproductive thing we might ever have. It is almost always better to walk away from your problems, when you are trying to fix a computer programming bug. Please actively ensure you take good sleep, rest well, be hydrated and exercise your right to ask for vacations. It is not a super-hero or definitely not 10x developer to be working 24/7. We are not hiring for writers, but rather looking for intellectuals and creative tinkerers.


I argue that people almost turn to the robot mode when they are subject to a very mundane routinic type of daywork. Robot or the executor mode is the safest bet: you don’t get to think a lot, you don’t get to take risks, you just rebeat and always take-on the easy routes. That is fine and can get things done. You don’t necessarily want your Tirhal driver to be creativing about driving…

A mattress

Why am i so obsessed about matts

A Date

Moving on the wrong way

A Date

Why dating is becoming more challenging


Hiring is nuts. Let’s fix that.


There is nothing inherently special about love. But it is still there, it hurts us, it touches us deeper than any feeling there is.