A tale of three channels

EBS is a huge mess. they made terrible decisions, but they’re not the only ones to be blamed for everything. Fixing this mess is important, but it is very challenging. In this post, i’ve tried to distill why?

A year at University of Khartoum

Teaching at have always been one of dreams. I still cannot believe that I had a chance to teach at University of Khartoum, the most prestigious university in my country. In this post, I summarize my work there. There are a few things not good I wish to be resolved.

Internships at gndi

We are pleased to announce new internships at gndi. The internship program will be for college students (for now, we are only geomatics engineers.)

gndi E-learning Platform

In G&I, we decided to level up the way classical training centers typically operate. We started our very first beta version of our new product, and here are our findings. To the best of our knowledge, no similar projects have been done before.