Objective: Results-oriented senior software engineer with a strong background in distributed systems seeking a challenging position to utilize my expertise in software development, system design, and project management. Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Geomatics Engineering, University of Khartoum, 2016.

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Tuti Tech Investment: 2021 - Present

  • Co-founded and lead the technical vision of Tuti Tech Investment, a cloud-based payment platform with cross-border operations.
  • Helped shaping the company’s vision by proposing to the board and the CEO to provide agency banking solution that offers B2B solutions. That contributed to the overall strategic directions of tuti.
  • Built and managed a diverse technical team, delivering innovative solutions for mobile, web, and POS payments.
  • Build a solid backend infrastructure to help delivering high end results that contribute the organization success by adapting an Event Driven Archtiecture to ensure the system can process high traffic of transactions while offering realtime analytics and fraud detection modules, using fanout provided by AWS SNS in companion with DynamoDB and SQS.
  • Ensured technical and regulatory compliance of the platform, adhering to PCI DSS and financial authorities’ standards.
  • Collaborated with business stakeholders and partners, developing proposals, presentations, and projections for new opportunities.
  • Oversaw the social media strategy and soft-launch of the flagship payment app, generating user feedback and engagement.

(Cofounder, Tech Advisor) Sharik: 2021 - Present

  • Co-founded Sharik, a spin-off of UNDP’s work in COOPS and SACCOS, focused on implementing a successful cooperative and saving groups model in Sudan.
  • Prepared legal frameworks and proposals for donors, prototyped with selected coops, and scaled up the experiment to 200 coops across Sudan.
  • Remain part-time CTO for Sharik, ensuring the robustness of the system and overseeing technical operations.
  • Lead system architect for several Sharik-tech projects.

UNDP Fintech and Technology Consultant: 2021

  • Provided technical consultations for fintech and SACCOS (credit unions) to UNDP Sudan.
  • Reviewed policies, conducted disk reviews, and prepared papers for roundtable discussions.
  • Made recommendations for technical platforms for SACCOS, including registration systems, integrations, and internal requirements.
  • Worked on the implementation of e-SACCOS and facilitated the use of fintech in Sudan.
  • Helped greatly scaling the organization operation. We started as a small focused team working on building the foundation legal and tech framework for COOPs in Sudan. We scaled up the number of COOPs from 5 to 200 distributed across Sudan.

Cofounded Solus Ltd: 2019 - 2021

  • Co-founded and led Solus Ltd, a fintech startup focused on building a responsible company around the open-source payment gateway, noebs.
  • Overcame challenges in establishing the company during Sudan’s revolution and secured recognition from the regulator for our technical competency.
  • Built the company from the ground-up, led its licensing and PCI-DSS certification process until succeeding.
  • Bootstrapped the startup, created a solid MVP that gained traction from local and international VCS. Sold my shares with valuation of six figures.
  • Implemented a sophisticated fanout approach to ensure a reliable messaging delivery system for transactions where different parties are involved (the system uses AWS VPC, AWS SNS, DynamoDB, AWS Step function and SQS)

noebs: 2018 - Present

  • Developed and maintained an open-source payment gateway, including SDKs for Android and Flutter, ecommerce plugin, POS integration, and RESTful API layer.
  • Implemented thorough documentation for system API endpoints, authentication framework layer, and websocket for real-time payments.
  • Built a dashboard for overseeing system transactions and utilized Prometheus and Grafana for system health reports and API metrics.
  • Managed the creation of a verified Linux image for in-house deployments and automated the setup process with Ansible scripts.
  • Collaborated with contributors to continuously improve and expand the functionality of the system, making it the largest open-source project in fintech in Sudan.

Ashrafcom: 2018 - 2019

  • Worked as a Python/Backend Developer for Ashrafcom, one of the largest tech companies in Sudan.
  • Played a key role in fixing core system issues and deploying Django-based payment system.
  • Led the backend security fixes and acted as a project coordinator for mobile app PCI DSS tests.
  • Overcame challenges in working with POS systems, including limited SDK documentation and missing pieces, by implementing custom solutions and troubleshooting connectivity issues.
  • Managed the migration of the POS fleet to a different provider, modernizing Linux-based POS and exploring new options.

Geo and Innovation (G&I) / ACTS: 2017 - Present

  • Co-founded and currently lead a software company and training center, offering specialized advanced training courses in website design, programming, and GIS.
  • Led the development of a machine learning system to identify roads, buildings, and other features from satellite imagery, resulting in a successful prototype and recognition in the industry.
  • Prepared tenders and proposals to secure contracts with NGOs, including a contract with UNDP worth over $1M.
  • Acted as the main tech project lead for the Sandoog project with Mercy Corps, a platform empowering low-income beneficiaries with access to a simple mobile-based app for saving groups and financial reporting.
  • Prepared and highlighted tech requirements for the Mahsool project, empowering small farmers with a saving group platform and access to market.

Gigs and consultancy roles

  • [2019] Collaborated with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Trading and Industry on projects related to rapid response systems and tracking systems.
  • [2019] Worked with Sahil Inc. to help them migrate their outdated fleet of POS to adopt noebs. I implemented http/1.1 with TLS handshake from scratch in C
  • [2020] Fintech consultant to PACT / UNDP to help them integrate noebs in a microfinance system. I wrote an adapter for noebs to mimick the existing system APIs and offer epayment on top of it (we also used AWS fanout and topics to deliver transaction results to different parties: lending bank’s system, UNDP microfinance system, undp being the collateral, analytical platform and internal systems.)
  • [2020] Worked with an advisor for a tech health startup. I helped them shaping their business model, created a pitch deck from the inputs I received from them and worked out their online presence to align with that
  • [2021] Worked with Exit:Funds as a consultant to help them integrate their platform with a local payment processor. My tasks included working with the technical team throughout the integration process and conducting QA and security tests in their platform to ensure its compliance
  • [2022] Worked with Marhaba an international remittance company to help them with to connect with a Bank using ISO20022. I helped them through the connectivity step (IPSec site to site VPN connection) and also built APIs for transfers and void-ing,
  • [2023] Reviewed and rewrote the system architecture for a Saudi startup working on on-demand services. Rewrote system specifications from using 3-tier architecture to adopting microservices and event driven architecture (EDA)


  • Proficient in distributed systems design and development
  • Strong programming skills in Python, Go, Java, Kotlin, and PHP
  • Experience with databases both SQL and nosql: sqlite, postgresql, dynamoDB and redis
  • Experience with machine learning, including training models on frameworks such as Pytorch and jax
  • Expertise in web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like Django, Angular, and React, SolidJS
  • Knowledge of GIS and geospatial data analysis
  • Familiarity with cloud-based technologies and infrastructure, including AWS
  • Hands-on experience on mobile development using (Flutter, Java with XML layouts, and Jetpack compose)
  • Extensive hands-on experience with HTTP protocols such as gRPC, WebSockets, HTTP2, and QUIC, showcasing a deep understanding of network communication.
  • Well-versed in containerization technologies like Docker and orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, enabling efficient deployment and scalability.
  • Hands-on experience in DynamoDB, lambda, SNS and SQS
  • Experience in working with payment systems and POS integration
  • Strong project management and leadership skills
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills

Personal Characteristcs:

  • Highly adaptable and easy-going individual who excels in maintaining positive working relationships and diffusing conflicts between stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated ability to act as a mediator during disputes, fostering open communication and finding mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Proven track record of creating a harmonious work environment by promoting collaboration and resolving conflicts with a calm and diplomatic approach.
  • A true coding geek with a profound love for experimentation and exploration of various programming languages and technologies.
  • Constantly staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and actively implementing them in projects, even beyond the scope of my field.
  • Actively engaged in tech forums for Python and Go, actively participating in discussions and keeping abreast of language advancements.
  • Organized numerous developer talks, dev hubs, and tech meetups in Sudan, fostering a vibrant tech community and sharing knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

References: Available upon request